As we claimed in home page, to gain a better sleep, the living room is very important, and mattress is the most important thing in bedroom. With a correct mattress you can get fully relaxed and get well prepared for the next day, if not you will toss and turn and even impact your partners.

A lot of factors decide the quality of your mattress, like material, firmness, comfort level, odo, sleeping hot, edge support, motion transfer, and different people have different sleeping behaviors, some prefer firm feelings, especially the one with back pain, others may prefer soft feeling, just like sleeping on the cloud.

There are so many mattress brand on the market, like traditional innerspring brand like sealy, serta, simmons.  Others are newly set up online brands like Casper, Leesa, Saatva,what’s the difference between them, which one should we choose, who is the best of them, a lots of factors should take into consider before making your decision. we’ll go through with you guys one by one to help you make your decisions.

Factors should take into consideration

SUPPORT – You want the mattress to hold you in proper alignment from head to toe, so you don’t wake up with a back ache. This is the most important factor we should take into consider.

COMFORT – You don’t want the mattress to cause pressure to your body, which causes tossing and turning, which means you wake up tired. Generally soft mattress has higher comfort level.

Motion separation – You don’t want to be disturbed by your partner moving around, or getting into or out of bed. Memory foam mattress perform better than traditional inner spring mattress at this item.

Temperature – You want the surface of the bed to be similar to your skin temperature. If a mattress is too warm (or sometimes even too cold), that can interrupt your sleep. This is called thermoneutrality. some manufactures will add gel int memory foam or use airflow design to make it more cool.

Edge support – You don’t want to feel like you’re rolling off the bed if you sleep near the edge. Especially for the pure side sleepers.

Mattress type

Memory Foam,Memory foam mattresses typically use a visco elastic outer foam with a firmer polyurethane at its core. In this way, the feel and comfort level can be varied by changing the thickness and weight of both the outer and inner foam. Memory foam mattress is the most welcomed mattress type around the world and has the highest user satisfaction.

Latex Foam,there are two kinds of latex foam, Natural latex and Synthetic latex, Natural latex is manufactured from sap tapped from rubber trees, like spindle mattress. Synthetic latex (aka polyurethane foam/memory foam) is made of petroleum by-products, sometimes actually mixed with natural latex, latex is more bouncy than memory foam, but works not effective as memory foam for motion transfer.

Innerspring,The Innerspring-type mattresses contain metal springs or coils surrounded by cotton, wool, or synthetic filler, covered in an upholstery finish. Innerspring mattresses used to be the most common types of mattresses, full spring mattress is less comfortable than memory foam and latex, pocket coil mattress cost you more, if compared with latex or memory foam, for the same comfort level.


Shopping Tips if you wish to buy from retail store

Don’t hesitate to lay down for testing
If possible, lie on any mattress that you’re considering. Wear loose clothes and shoes you can slip off. Make yourself comfortable, and shoo away the salesperson if you’re feeling pressured. Salespeople should expect you to take your time. Spend at least five or ten minutes on each side and on your back (your stomach, too, if that’s a preferred sleeping position). Panelists who took beds home for a month-long trial rarely changed the opinion they formed after the first night. Shopping online or at a warehouse club? Tryouts aren’t usually an option, so checking return policies before you buy is extra important.

Check Return Policies and warranty
Make sure the store offers a full refund or credit toward another mattress. Return periods, often called “comfort guarantees,” range from a couple of weeks to 120 days. Some retailers, including Macy’s and Sears, charge a 15-percent restocking fee. Costco and some online sellers provide free pickup if you want a refund or exchange, but otherwise, you’ll have to pay for it—or cart the mattress to the store. And you’ll be responsible for any damage.

It can range from 10 to 25 years and covers only manufacturing defects such as sagging and loose or broken coil wires. Coverage is frequently prorated, meaning that it decreases over time.

Ask them for discount as more as possible
Once you’ve settled on a model, try to bring the price down. Many businesses, such as warehouse clubs, have fixed prices and won’t budge. But for retailers that do negotiate—particularly specialty chains—huge markups allow them to lower prices by 50 percent or more during their frequent sales. Our recommendation: Any time of year, insist on a sale price you’ve seen for the mattress you know you want, and don’t be afraid to walk out if you feel you’re getting a raw deal.

You don’t always need a box spring or foundation
You might not need it. For an innerspring mattress, the box spring (also called a “foundation”) is a wood frame enclosing stiff wire and covered with fabric to match the mattress. For foam or adjustable-air mattresses, it’s a box several inches high. If you’re switching to a foam or adjustable-air bed from an innerspring, you’ll need a boxy foundation that lacks springs and wire. Otherwise, if your box spring isn’t broken and is still structurally sound, consider keeping it and saving money (roughly $150 to $300 for a queen-size). One caveat: Some brands require you to buy their box spring to receive full warranty coverage.



Personally, I would recommend to buy memory foam or latex mattress, they are the best choice balance of money and value. Same as we suggested in how to buy a mattress topper.

Don’t buy mattress who is lack of warranty or free trial, the industry standard is 100 nights free trial and 10 years full warranty, some cheap mattress from China don’t have, pay attention to them.

If money is not your first concern, you can also buy from retail store but not from online, like Macys, Sears or Costco, but as we claimed before, remember to ask for a discount, usually 50% off, and remember to try from different sleeping positions, like from your back, side, stomach, and more important, as long as possible.