how to choose a pillow

Sleeping is the considered the most crucial thing to do, so as to maintain our health and wellness. Proper sleep influences how we perform throughout the day. The better we sleep, the better our performance. Regardless of the value of sleep, most of our pillows are not made to properly support your body to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Choosing a bad pillow can be very unhealthy for certain sensitive parts of the body. The neck is one of the very most sensitive areas of the body. That is why it is so important to find the right pillow, which will not only adjust/adapt to the mattress, but to your sleeping position as well. Both of these is required to avoid pain on the neck and other body parts.

Choosing the right pillow can be quite crucial in getting the most satisfying sleep at night. Below is a list of the things to look for whenever selecting a pillow.


Decide on the size

To find the right sized pillow, you will have to consider three factors— what size your bed is, just how many pillows you will need and exactly how you want to utilize them. An oversized pillow can feel cozy and enveloping on the smaller bed.


Height of the Pillow

The recommended height of your pillow should be 8–15 cm, why? Because a pillow that is too high will lead to the neck bending forward, which can affect the backbone muscles, as well as the blood vessels circulation of the head area, leading to spine diseases, frequent disturbance of the blood vessels and head pains.


Select the right softness

Just how a pillow is packed can make a huge difference on how a pillow feels. A pillow that is filled up and stuffed securely into the cover produces a somewhat firmer pillow. This means that less filling up makes a looser and softer feel.


Preventing Muscle Strain

Never forget to choose the one which keeps your spine in its natural positioning in order to avoid muscle strain/pressure at the backside of your neck and shoulders. If this happens, it might cause obstructed breathing, which might cause sleep difficulty and snoring subsequently.


Consider your sleep position

Stomach and Back Sleepers may choose to pick a flatter pillow that helps maintain the neck in a properly aligned manner. If you are the type which is used to side sleeping, you will need a loftier pillow, which can fill the gap between your neck and head— This is generally recognized as an improved choice.


Matching Your Bed

It is important to get a pillow that will compliment your mattress in every way. Choosing the right pillow that matches your Mattress will in actuality increase your relaxation.


Good airflow

Ensure the pillow you select has a lot of ventilation/airflow for an appropriate and comfortable sleeping experience. Before buying, confirm that the Pillow’s outer material is made up of 100% cotton as this helps the overall Airflow of the Pillow.



Always make sure to acquire a pillow that is Hypoallergenic. This means it is made to reduce the incident of allergies. Having allergies can be quite troublesome. It is bad enough if you experience them throughout the day but during the night, you will need to sleep without fretting about certain allergies disrupting your slumber. Choosing a good hypoallergenic pillow can make a huge difference in your sleeping experience.


Eradicating Pressure Points

You ought to get a pillow that will stop pressure points that cause tossing and turning in our sleep. A Pillow that doesn’t help eliminate pressure points are very dangerous to help and should be thoroughly avoided.


Never buy just “any” pillow. Studies have shown that an average man spends 24 yrs. of his life sleeping. That is a very long time of sleeping that needs to be spent peacefully. So it is worthwhile to research and pick the best pillow so as to get a stress free, good night’s sleep.